Originally distributed in 1979 by Warner Brothers in theatres nationwide, the two-hour JESUS film remains the most translated and viewed movie in motion picture history. With over a thousand separate language translations and exposures in excess of 6 billion globally, the film is often shown in remote, third-world locales using a makeshift screen and portable projector—often bringing audiences their first look at a movie image. Since its inception, JESUS has become available in 8mm, 16mm, and 35mm print, VHS, VCD, and DVD formats. It can also be viewed on the Internet.

“The Story of Jesus”

This is a 90-minute audio cassette/CD version for those who cannot see the JESUS film or do not have access to a television.

The Story of Jesus for Children

Released in 2003, The Story of Jesus for Children is a 62-minute video incorporating over 40 minutes of the original JESUS film into a new drama about a fictional group of children who might have lived in A.D. 30., the approximate date of the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ. The video allows children to hear and see the whole story at once, answers questions in clear and concrete terms, provides fast action, and ends with an invitation, by a child to children, to accept Christ into their lives. It is widely used as an instructional tool in homes, churches, and schools around the world.

JESUS: Fact or Fiction

This is a newly released DVD which gives you the opportunity to explore the evidence. Hear experts in history, philosophy, science, and theology answer more than fifty of life's toughest questions.

Magdalena: Released from Shame

Magdalena: Released from Shame is an innovative version of the JESUS film with new scenes that have been added to highlight historical accounts of Christ's interactions with women in the gospels as seen through the eyes of Mary Magdalene. The film speaks to core issues common to many women around the world today as in Jesus' time.


Walking with Jesus

"Walking With Jesus" is a mini-series designed to have new followers of Jesus grow in their relationship with Christ.

The mini-series depicts common African life scenarios, modeling committed Christian discipleship. "Walking With Jesus" strengthens the African church by grounding new followers in their faith and equipping them to become fruitful members of the body of Christ.


Following JESUS

Following Jesus is a follow-up discipleship film that is filmed in different geographic and cultural modern-day settings. The first movie is based in a village in India and deals (among other subjects) with the subject of divine healing. Characters discuss what they have seen in the JESUS film in relation to a boy in the village who is very ill. Other films will be situated in a typical African village, a Latin American town, etc.


Anime is a Japanese form of animation that is extremely popular with teens and young adults around the world. With an inventory of 1,000 languages, it would be relatively simple to produce an anime version of JESUS and use existing soundtracks. The film may be full-length or condensed to a few select stories. These could be used in several ways such as iPod casts or a short film festival strategy, just to name a couple.


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