Ngbandi (September 2012)

In the first two months that the JESUS Film church planting strategy was implemented among the Ngbandi people group in the DRC, four church plants were established in Mobay, Kotakoli, Tabac, and Fadu Village.

“I thank God and Campus for Christ for the church planting project,” said Pastor Mopila in Mobay. “We welcome its vision to bring more people to salvation. We ask you to pray for faith in our communities and that God will bless the team,” he added.

Seven action group members from Pastor Mopila’s congregation received training in evangelism and follow-up with the goal of planting churches in other areas. Ahombianyola, one of those trained, said, “We recognize that God really loves us. This is not an opportunity to miss. The training is very important to us because we discovered many things we did not know before. We have listened to Jesus speak in our language which made us understand God’s Word easily.”

Ndukuma, another action group member, also expressed his appreciation for the training as well as the evangelistic and follow-up materials that were made available to them. “These will help us do more,” he said. The action group was able to start a church plant in Mobay.

Excited about this opportunity to partner with the JESUS Film church planting team, Rev. Kowe believed the strategy would change the face of the church, take away the monotony of Sunday worship, and help it to flourish everywhere. His sentiment was echoed by his members who attended the action group training.

“Personally, with the Road to Life tract,” said Andepama, “I can understand my faith and even share it easily with someone. This is why I am burning with desire to go to the mission field. I’m sure the Lord will help others as He did me. I thank the Lord for this opportunity and Campus for Christ.”

The Road to Life tract proved to be a very useful evangelistic tool for many action group members like Kwasi from Katokali. “Sometimes it is not easy to preach the gospel,” he said. “But I see that with this tract, it can be easy. This is why I think this is a good project. I pray for it to extend to all Ngbandi areas.”

Jean Denis was thrilled about having led people to Christ. “I now understand how to present the gospel clearly,” he said. “That’s what I did yesterday and it worked. I led two people to make decisions to follow Jesus. The strategy is good because we have a great desire to proclaim the gospel. Please pray a lot for us because the area is very poor. The gospel needs to be proclaimed everywhere.”