As of June 2019:

  • 132 churches have been planted,

  • 2,195 adults in discipleship groups,

  • 2,269 decisions to follow Christ, and

  • 8,723 attended a JESUS film showing.

“I was totally desperate before knowing Christ. I was tired and angry most of the time. When the team came to show the film and invited me, I went and it was there where I knew Jesus and His love. Now that I have Jesus in my heart and I am coming to Bible studies, my life has changed. I am experiencing peace and it is hard to make me upset. My family and I are very glad to have the (action group) here and we will stay on God’s path. Every visitor in God´s name has a ready place to stay at my house.” - Eusebio

“Thank you so much for coming and visiting me once again. We have been getting together with the church…I am ready to learn more about God’s Word but it is very hard for me because of relatives who come only to discourage me. But I ask God for strength and wisdom to keep up. Keep praying for me. I commit myself to learn more and not to get discouraged.” - Edgardo

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