Village of Agbelouve Gadzepe

When the team arrived at the water well in the village of Agbelouve Gadzepe, Pastor Koffi met everyone with a manual tightly clutched in his hand.  He could hardly wait to show it to the team and tell them what a great tool it had been in his church. 

His church already was in the village when the well was drilled there, but the training of the Action Group by the JESUS Film Church Planting Strategy team in preparation for the showing of the JESUS Film revolutionized his church. 

Just recently, he baptized 40 people in his church.

The material he used to help the new believers get ready baptism was the Church Planting Follow-Up manual, which he was showing us when we arrived. He went on to say that this was just the best material for churches. 

15 out of the 40 people baptized had come to faith the night the JESUS Film was shown. 

He thanked the team over and over again for the impact that the well and the JESUS Film Church Planting Strategy had on his church.