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To bring the message of God’'s love through the JESUS film showings, discipling new believers, training new leaders and planting churches Learn More »

LIFE Teams

LIFE Teams

Imagine when humanitarian activity such as providing water, food or even a blanket merges with a traditional JESUS Film style project?

Picture the impact that has on an individual as well as community? 

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Are you looking for a specific tool that you can use while discipling a new believer? 

Do you need some help with an evangelistic piece, whether the JESUS Film or 'Fact or Fiction' (which talks about the evidence for Jesus)? 

We have lots of resources for you!

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“This strategy is planting churches in #SierraLeone. The film is a great tool but the training is critical.” Pastor https://t.co/64456YLsME

“The training challenged me about things spiritually. I'll share them at the Action Group training.” Nelson, Liberia https://t.co/bALlRNjAl7

“It's been our dream to plant a daughter church. Thanks to JFCPS for helping us have an impact.” Pastor Emmanuel https://t.co/jMZu5SuceV

“I thank God & the JFCPS team for this strategy to plant churches. A mission has now been opened.” – Pastor Herrera https://t.co/A4u4GQpI8l

“I'm happy to be in this Action Group to evangelize/disciple my neighbours, who need to hear the Good News.” – Janet https://t.co/doEROj5gpN

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“It's been our dream to plant a daughter church. Thanks to the JFCPS team for coming...” – Pastor Emmanuel, Liberia https://t.co/Y2MVpWnndt

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#HappyMothersDay! Celebrating all of the mothers in our lives. http://t.co/esNpTdtqIS

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“I suffered many troubles since starting to drink alcohol..." - facebook.com/jfcps/photos/a… http://t.co/3Oz4zPZNpe

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Gewado attended an Action Group training. He used the Road to Life book to share the gospel to 30 people & is now a leader in a new church.

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2 of the countries that our strategy is in has been affected by Ebola. Check out this great article on its outbreak - m.bbc.com/news/world-afr…

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