JESUS Film Church Planting Strategy (JFCPS)

The JESUS Film Project has a history of introducing people to the Gospel, resulting in thousands of lives being impacted for eternity.

In order to build on that strong foundation, ensure continued effectiveness, and develop a strong discipleship component through a new church planting strategy, the JESUS Film Project went through a revisioning process in January 2010.

As the first step in this transition, the JESUS Film Project was retooled, revised and renamed as the JESUS Film Church Planting Strategy (JFCPS).

New Vision

The existing coverage JESUS film teams transitioned into JESUS Film Church Planting Strategy teams, team members were trained, and new resources were developed in order to equip each leader.

The JFCPS has since moved forward in making disciples of Jesus Christ that have their roots deep in the truth of God’s word.

New Strategy

Designed for sustainability and multiplication, the team identifies a local church who has a vision for the spiritual needs of those living in the surrounding villages. They then train Church leaders (Action Group), show the film and challenge them to plant a church in a new location.

Six to ten individuals from that local church form an Action Group and are trained to follow-up and disciple new believers. Once the film is shown in the new location, home groups are then formed with the individuals that accept Christ. After eight weeks of discipleship training, the home groups will then join into one group, forming a new church plant with a minimum of 15 adults. They are then challenged to reproduce themselves in at least six months. The JFCPS team then moves to another location to repeat this cycle.This multiplication was not a guaranteed outcome through the coverage strategy, but now tied in with a church planting and discipleship strategy, it’s bearing much fruit for the Kingdom of God.

“Discipleship and spiritual multiplication has become a reality under this strategy,” shares Bill, the Director of Evangelistic Strategies. “With this strategy, a new believer, who hears the story of Jesus in his own dialect for the first time, now has the opportunity to spend 8-10 weeks of intensive Bible study, learning about who they are in Christ, how to share their faith, and how to make disciples.”

New Results

As part of the new direction, the JFCPS was launched in the DRC, EthiopiaLiberia, Mexico, and Sierra Leone.

As discipleship became a stronger component, hundreds of individuals embarked on a journey from a simple acknowledgment of the Gospel message to a committed follower of Jesus Christ.

The JFCPS has also developed a key partnership with Water for Life Initiative (WFLI) in Benin, Tanzania, and Togo, resulting in a more holistic approach to ministry. Thousands of individuals experience spiritual and physical health; villagers experience the pure, disease-free water they so desperately need and the door is then opened for the JFCPS to share about the Living Water.

Through this strategic partnership, spiritual growth and transformation have taken place too!

As a result, there have been

  • 1,359,481 people have attended a JESUS film showing
  • 139,346 lives have been spiritually impacted
  • 2,003 new church plants

(Note: these stats include results from the partnership with the Water for LIfe Initiative)


I would like to give to this strategy
"I have encountered many problems in my life and often considered giving up. I thank God that when I watched the JESUS film I saw that Jesus was able to help people overcome their problems. I have decided to ask Jesus to help me to deal with the struggles that I am facing."