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A Reflection on 2014

Apostle Paul was concerned for the growth and development of new believers in the new churches planted in his day. Much of Paul’s writings were written with the expressed purpose of establishing new believers in their faith
so that when they faced the trials of life as well as the enemy they would stand strong in their faith.

This is the same challenge the JESUS Film Church Planting Strategy (JFCPS) faces; especially as it relates to hundreds of churches the Lord has planted through this initiative.

Since all of the leadership in each new church is made up of new believers from within, discipleship training has become critical.

For most of 2014, JFCPS has been developing Biblically-based leadership training materials for the new church leaders so that the new believers of today will stand strong in their faith too.

Though JFCPS can’t remain to develop and disciple each church over the long-term, it can teach and equip the leaders to be sustainable as well as be successful in multiplying themselves in the future.


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