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Empowering the Action Group through training and materials

An essential component of the JESUS Film Church Planting Strategy (JFCPS) is the Action Group composed of 6 - 10 people from a Mother Church. The JESUS Film Team trains the Action Group for three days on evangelism and discipleship. They thoroughly go through the JFCPS Church Planting Manual, learn how to evangelize using the JESUS film and the booklet, The Road to Life. In addition, the Action Group members are taught how to give their personal testimony and use the follow-up lessons.

The JESUS Film Team, the Pastor, and the Action Group then go to the prospective new church plant location and show the JESUS film for two nights. The Action Group takes care of the witnessing and counseling. The JESUS Film Team continues to work with the Action Group until there is a minimum of 15 new believers who have received Christ and are committed to the follow-up process by attending Home Groups. These Home Groups join together and become a new church plant. The Action Group continues their weekly or twice-a-week visits and cares for the church plant while the JESUS Film Team moves on to visit another Mother Church and Pastor and repeat the process. 

The Action Group training is widely received by local churches not only for the training itself but also for the materials that are provided them for free. In every place where there training had been held, the participants are very grateful and share how it impacted their spiritual walk.

Amadu, an Action Group member from a Loko village in Sierra Leone comments,

"I want to thank God for my involvement in this Action Group training. I have no regrets at all for participating in this training. I've learned more things that will help me grow spiritually in my Christian life and also be committed to the work of the Lord. This training has also put me on my toes as to how to live my Christian life. In fact, all the lessons discussed in this training changed me to be more committed. I've learned a great deal about evangelism and follow-up, and with this knowledge, I can stand anywhere in the world and tell people about Christ without any hesitation. This training has actually enhanced my boldness in the things of God. I want to thank you very much for your explicit exposition of the things of God to us."

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