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From witchcraft and traditional religion to new life in Christ

Wakefeta is the traditional religion of many Borana people in Ethiopia. It has kept them in bondage of fear and ignorance for generations. God is moving among them through the JFCPS and shedding the light of the Gospel on their land. Here are a couple of testimonies that attest to the transforming work of the Holy Spirit among the Borana people:

"I received Christ through the JESUS film this evening. Before this evening, I followed traditional religion. I visited witches for many years to get direction in life and blessings. But I didn’t get it. I thank God for He has given me this good opportunity to hear His Word through the JESUS film. Now my life is changed and peaceful. I got the true life direction through the JESUS film. I am also blessed I received Him, and started the way to eternal life. The miracle Jesus has done for the blind person has touched my heart. The blind person can see after Jesus touched him. It is amazing! No one can do such miracle except the Almighty Lord. This miracle gave me more confidence to make the decision to follow Christ. I will share the Gospel of Christ with my family and friends with confidence to help them to return to the way of the Lord." - Roba of Mega, Ethiopia

(Roba of Mega, Ethiopia pictured above)

"I received Christ this evening through the JESUS film. Before I received Christ, I followed the Traditional Religion with my family. We worshiped a big mountain and tree. But I did not know about the true way to God. Now I found the only way to God through the JESUS film. I thank God for He has gave me a good opportunity to know Him through the film. The life of Jesus has touched my heart, and His resurrection gave me a great courage not to fear the death. I will share the story of Jesus with all of my friends." - Yoma of Mega, Ethiopia



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