Quotes From The Field

“I appreciate this follow-up lessons. I believe at the end, I will be able to share God’s Word with others easily and in a short time begin with my family. It will make me useful in my church.” - Jean Paul

“When I hear Jesus speak Ngbandi in the film, I tell myself that God knows us well. I’m very happy. I can easily understand the Word of God. I thank those who made this film available throughout the Ngbandi area” - a villager from Kotakoli

“I thank God for the church plant in our village. I do not have to go away for worship. Please pray for us because poverty due to endless wars causes the failure of planting churches and of church growth here.” - Joseph 

“We have been going to church for a long time but not knowing how we can grow in our faith. These follow-up lessons have opened our minds. We pray that the Lord will continue to increase our understanding of the Word of God.” - anonymous