Quotes From The Field

“I did not know God. I accepted Christ after seeing and understanding the JESUS film. I felt a change in my life and I want more prayer for me.” - woman from Los Tigres

“I liked the JESUS film. I was able to see and understand how Jesus was crucified for me and my sins. This is why I asked Him into my heart. I promise to meet with the believers here in my town to learn more and study the Bible.” - Gilberto

“I can’t read but the film was in my language and I was able to understand the message. I understood God forgives me because He said on the cross, ‘Father Forgive them because the do not know what they are doing. If He did so then I can be sure that I can be forgiven.” - Cuixcuatitla village man

“My life was sad and I was away from God. But now I accept Christ. I want to change my life and am willing to go ahead.” - man in white shirt

“Through the movie I realized that Jesus loves me and gave His life for me. I invited him to my heart and accepted Him as my Lord and Saviour.” - Soña

“For me, the JESUS film was a blessing because it helped me understand that God can change the way I am living through His only Son. I gave my life to him today!” - man from Luis Donaldo Colosio

“God used the movie to bring me to Him. I realized that God has a plan for me, and today I ask him to be my Lord and Saviour. He suffered for me. My family has problems. My daughter needs her mom who she is not with us. But Jesus is with us.” - a father from El Sacrificio village

“Thanks for coming to this place of Loma Palma. I have never seen a movie in my dialect. I have lived my life in alcoholism almost daily. I am happy that I have seen the life of Jesus and that He died for me to save me. Now I want to give my life to Jesus and leave my life of alcohol.” - Kanna

“I really like this movie, JESUS. I saw Jesus whipped and punished in my place. I could see that Jesus loves me and I want to accept Him in my life and tell others about Him.” - man from Loma Grande

“All my life I worshipped the Virgin Mary and the saints. I did not know if there was a glorious God until now that you are talking about Him. I see that God is true and we should worship Him. Pray for me so that God would change my life and my whole family.” - Miguel

“I’ve lived worshipping idols and did not know who God is, but now I know who He is. He died for me and I’m very happy.” - Juan

“Thanks to God for bringing the JESUS film to this community. The movie is very nice because it is in my dialect, Mazatec. Thanks for telling me about the life of Jesus.” - Aurelia

“I really like the JESUS film in our dialect a lot and those who have brought it to our community. I hope you come and visit us again and teach us more.” - man in San Antonio, Santa Maria Chilchotla

“Thanks to you who brought the JESUS film in the Mazatec language to our community. I am very happy I received Jesus in my heart through this movie. We will keep waiting for you to visit us again.” - Amador

“I am so touched by this movie because I was able to see how much Jesus suffered on the Cross for me. The picture I had of Jesus was the one of him hanging on the Cross in church, but after watching the movie, I know what He has done for us. It has helped me to understand His love. This is why family and I have given our lives to Him and we are ready to study as you come to visit and teach us. I’ve been deeply touched by this movie. I am ready to follow him. Thank you so much!” - a father

“I asked Jesus in my heart but I am afraid of my children. I do not know how they will react to this. Please pray for me so my family does not reject me and also so they can be reached with the gospel. I liked the movie a lot and
understood it pretty well. I am so happy to have Christ in my heart. I want to know more of Jesus.”
- Angelina

“I attended the witchcraft temple and it is the first time that I heard the words you are telling me. I want to know more about Jesus. Whenever you want to come, please come so I will be able to talk with you. In this town most people go to that temple. There is no one who can teach us the bible. The priest comes here only twice a month. I am so glad you came.” - Gabino

“The teachers at the temple do not teach as well as you do. I saw this same movie once in Spanish and did not understand much. But now I understand very well because it is in our language. I want to know more and I want to have a bible to read and learn more about Christ. I want to keep listening. My life changed after seeing the JESUS Film. I cannot explain it but I feel happy.” - Faustino

“Thank you for coming to my town. You are the very first to come and bring us this message. We don’t know how to believe in God, but if you wish to come and teach us, you are very welcome.” - a new believer in San Pedro Rio Lodo

“Often we do not speak of what Jesus did for us. I now understand that Jesus suffered so much. I asked Jesus to heal me of hernia and he did. Now I want to invite Jesus into my heart and serve him.” - Camerino