Primarily farmers, the Kuranko occupies a mountainous region within the northeastern Sierra Leone highlands, extending into Guinea.

The region lacks adequate road systems and is not easily accessible, leaving the Kuranko socially isolated, which explains why most of the Kuranko have held on to their traditional culture and animistic religion.

They believe that in the forests, the rivers, and the mountains live quasi-human beings known as Nyenne. These are "bush spirits," who are believed to influence Kuranko life in different ways.

Others are either Muslim or Christians (only 5% of the Kuranko people).

JESUS Film Church Planting Strategy Team (JFCPS)

In the Northern Province of Sierra Leone in the Kabala area, there is one JFCPS team.

Each team member is from the area where they are planting churches and therefore they do not only speak the language of the people but they are thoroughly familiar with their culture, history and religious beliefs.

The Kuranko JFCPS team has developed a good working relationship over the years with several denominations in the area who are passionate about outreach and church planting. This is typical for all the JFCPS teams in Sierra Leone and is a major factor for the success that the JFCPS teams are experiencing.




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