As of September 30, 2014,

  • 79 church plants,

  • 2,024 people in follow-up, 

  • 4,641 decisions to follow Jesus, and

  • 126,614 attended a JESUS Film showing.

"It is not my first time to have this gathering and a nice services with the JESUS Film Church Planting Strategy team. The new beleivers are our harvest. I came to realize through my life that every harvest should be kept for the future use. Like the new believers, I have responsibility to teach them and after a time they will be important to the church of God when we go together in sharing good news as door to door evangelism." -  action group attendee

"I am so glad for this powerful services. I have about three month since I received Christ as my personal savior and Lord. I have never seen this film in my life, but this strategy is so good." - action group attendee

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