As of May 2019:

  • 432 church plants,

  • 12,327 adults in follow-up,

  • 50,555 decisions to follow Jesus, and

  • 343,907 attended a JESUS Film showing.


Story of Aveta Djogbeji Village

When the team arrived at the water well in the village of Aveta Djogbeji, the first thing they noticed was a building with a new tin roof, not more than 50 feet from the well. It had blankets fasten to the poles to act as walls. Inside, they could hear the singing of children.

Pastor Emmanuel greeted everyone enthusiastically and quickly explained that the building was the church that he had planted as result of drilling the well. He went on to share that he had built the church building using his own funds, with the help of a friend who lived in Lome.

The well was a huge blessing in the village. There was no source of water close by, and often women would have to walk 5 km to get water from a water system, and if was broken (which they often are) they would have to go elsewhere to find water.  He said the women of the village were so happy to have the well close by.

The JESUS Film was shown in the village in partnership with a mother church after the well was drilled. 88 people attended the show, 26 began the follow up process and with that group, Pastor Emmanuel planted the church.  Because the well was such a huge gift to the community, he had great favor in the village and was given land to build his church near the well.

There is no school in Aveta Djogbeji, and so the pastor started a school in the church for the young children with his wife being the teacher.  She teaches them the French alphabet, Sunday school songs and Bible stories. Pastor Emmanuel said they want the children of the village to come to know Jesus early, so that they will grow up following Jesus.

The women of the village are very happy to have their children go to the school. They have seen the great benefit of the well and they see how the church has brought good to the village. The vision of the pastor is to see the church grow, and one day have a hospital in the village also.


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